Thursday, April 16, 2009

i noe im kinda diffrent rite nw..
its nt u guys..
its me..
i noe i dont hangout much nwadays like we owez did b4..
its juz dat im kinda sad wen wit ur guys..
dnt get me wrong..
im thinking bowt we ol being apart soon..
dats ol..
we wnt c each other as much as we did b4..
i mis ol of u,seriousli i do..
u guys r my best best best buddies forever..
n no one can replace each of u guys..
ol of u wil owez b in my heart..
im sori if i'd make ol of u feels bad..
im truly sori..
we still best best best buddies..
love u guys..


  1. this is da time u should spend time wit them,

    they will understand u,

    wish u can go on wit ur truly friendship..

  2. aduh,im sad la wei,cm nk nanges dh ni =(