Friday, June 5, 2009

.life with her.

we woke up at the same time everyday..
we wished gud morning 2 each other everyday..
we met before go 2 classes with smile..
we text between each interval of classes..
we ate lunch 2gether..
we went 4 study 2gether..
we walk everywhere 2gether..
everything's done here is with u b..
i love my life here..
u make it better n better n hepier..
u do yang..

p/s:i love u

1 comment:

  1. my life is much much happier there syg..
    u always be beside me..
    u kuat majuk=P
    i came,pujuk u b syg=)
    we laugh
    we smile
    we lauch
    we walk
    everything syg..
    u shine my life dear.
    i love u=)